Error message while trying to load world file

Hi everyone!

While trying to open a world file I had been working on in WM Professional Edition v. 4031.2 stable version, I ran into this error message:
Capture d'écran 2023-12-04 213647
Knowing that I haven’t made any update on the software and because I have been able to open and run another draft world I had started earlier on the same version I do not understand what I did/went wrong.

Here is the “un-runable” world file:
scandin.tmd (4 KB)

And here, the functioning world file:
scandfi.tmd (53.2 KB)

Please help me

The “un-runable” file holds incomplete data (file is corrupt). You can see that it’s a few kbs short right here in your original message. It doesn’t open in the newest dev build 4032 either, so you can let it go.

Second world file works normally in both stable and dev versions.

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