Error running World Machine

When i start running World Machine i get this error: Failed to open config file C:\Users{Name}\AppData\Roaming\World Machine Release\world.ini

Hi there,

A couple questions:

  1. What edition of World Machine is this occurring on?
  2. Was this an upgrade from a prior World Machine version or a fresh install?
  3. If you open that folder, is there a world.ini file located there, or does that folder not exist?

1.- I am using World Machine Basic Build 4015
2.- I installed it yesterday
3.- Yes, there are temp folder and world.ini file

Hmm - I just realized, that particular path may not be using unicode on windows. Can you confirm - does your username have a non-ascii character in it?

Assuming that this is true, then I can have the fix for this rolled into Build 4016. Otherwise, it will take some further investigation :slight_smile:

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My username has ’ í '.
thanks :smiley:
now, I understand

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Build 4016 is now available with a fix for this issue!