Error trying to build and output tiles

Your bug report should include:

Just bought pro.
Rebuilt my world and trying to build tiles I get the following error

Could not begin a tiled build due to the following problems:

The World Machine temporary folder is inaccessible

In the export window I click on the button that says Tiled Build and Export and nothing happens. I can export and get a single file.

So I can’t output tiles. I just bought pro so I could do this, and I am rather hoping this is a simple fix, or better yet, something I’ve done wrong. Please help.

It’s not a bug, the problem is at your end. Specifically, the file permissions set in your windows explorer.

World machine pages data to disk using custom swap files. These are stored in the roaming world machine folder. That path is probably not accessible to you (you probably don’t have administrative access to that drive, or you are using world machine in some form of sandbox).

The solution:

Set your temp folder to a path your user on windows has access to. You can find world machine registered paths at “menu>Project>Program settings>Paths tab”. Attaching screenshots for that setting.


i redirected the Temp File to another folder in settings and it worked. so, cool.

I hadn’t seen your reply, ty

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