ETA on 3.0 PDK?

I’m assuming the 2.9 PDK is not compatible with 3.0dev, or at least not complete w.r.t. the major new features. When should we expect an initial 3.0 PDK?


That’s correct. I will have a 3.0.dev1 PDK available by the end of this week at the latest, a couple hours at the earliest :slight_smile:

There’s been some significant refactoring within the Core so I will also have to provide a quick porting guide to let you know what needs to be updated.


the PDK is now available for use.

The primary porting note is that the Load and Save methods have gained an additional parameter; they now accept a stream and an IOContext (accept a LoadContext& and SaveContext& respectively).

As mentioned in the text file included, this is to allow the device to provide warnings and errors to the app on load, and be able to dynamically patch themselves on load (for example, if you have re-arranged what port goes where on the device). In the future, it will also allow having devices save for older releases of world machine,