Far Apart mountain ranges

I want a mostly open world with far apart mountain ranges, but can’t figure out how to get them to be farther apart.

With plain advanced perlin, they are too close together. Can’t change the scale as then they aren’t pointy enough and dont look like mountains.

I tried to do some filters but it always ends up just making only the tallest mountain ranges show up.

I’m trying to avoid using the layout generator as I prefer it to just be infinite / procedural.

Something like voroni would be good for the mask, except that all the peaks are different sizes and it kind up breaks up the range into just being separate mountains.

Use a very large scale, smooth random texture (e.g., Perlin with large feature size, low octaves, low persistence) as a mask. Tune it so you get nice linear stretches with a width about one mountain’s worth and a length appropriate for a mountain range, rather than roundish blobs. Experiment with combining multiple Perlins with the same settings, but offset along the natural axis for mountain ranges, or with non-uniform XY scaling. Multiply this mask times your mountain range texture.