Favorites toolbar missing

Mount Rainier version doesn’t seem to have a customizable Favorites toolbar…or did it go somewhere else?

Hi there,

The quick-add menu (hit Tab or right click->Quick add) automatically sorts so that your most frequently used items are first in the list. Because of this, it more or less acts as a favorites list already.

Because of that overlap, I did not add an explicit favorites set. That could definitely be re-added, but I don’t know how important it is to people’s workflow. I’d love to hear more feedback about this.

Hi Stephen, thanks for the quick response, yes I’ve noticed the Tab option, much like Unreal and Maya however just clicking on the Favorites menu bar was much more convenient and should be available again for those who like visual icons , besides the menu bar is completely empty except for 3 icons to the top left, there’s so much space available to use either by Favorites or something else in the future.
An option to reinstate would be awesome.
Thank you for the new improvements.