Feature request: Checkpoint node disk caching

Since checkpoint node already has some “memory based” caching built into it now, maybe it can use the library format to cache data to disk too. It could be a separate “mode” altogether, though I could see it being implemented with very few parameters hidden behind “Advanced settings” checkbox.


  1. It could be a simple checkbox “Cache to disk”. It would save a temporary “tml” dump to the “temp” folder set in world machine preferences, deleted on session close.

  2. It could expose a “path” field, potentially opening up a possibility for “persistent” library saving, in case someone wants a world machine project to retain this disk cache across multiple sessions (for example, during a material building and testing run).

I personally am a fan of “clutter free” separate graphs. But if it’s a built in feature inside checkpoints, I guess more people will find a use for libraries. The code should already be there, may be simple to wrangle this one.



+1 I would love to have this implemented as well. It would help me out immensely.

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+1 I think libraries are super cool but a bit tedious to use and something more automated would help tremendously - especially when running into RAM bottlenecks (which I like to do) :]

EDIT: Maybe this could not only be done for checkpoints but for groups or even single devices.

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