[Feature Request] Enabling to switch between 0-100% and 0-255 for RGB in colorizer

I was working on something in World Machine which required me to import a very specific color, but I ran into some issues since the color was in 255 RGB, whilst the colorizer took in a percentage.
Adding this feature into World Machine would be great.

Do you mean the colour picker? Can you share a screenshot of the specific input? Maybe HSV works in this case, as it goes from 0-100 % iirc.

The color generator uses 255 RGB for picking colors, as shown below:
Whilst the colorizer uses percentage RGB:

I haven’t moved this dialog over to LTE yet, but that should be a straightforward addition - I’ll see what I can do!

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Ah I see, yeah that is an issue. However, (100/255) × value should give you the corrected value, so you can work around with that for now.