[Feature Request] Multiple requests: Be able to delete edit history, change camera projection type

Hi World Machine community again,

Today, I have a few feature requests I’d like to see in the next Dev build of WM LTE.

1: Be able to delete the history of the TMD file, to save space on disk, and also be able to share the TMD files with others on Discord (which has a limit of 8mb per attachment).
This would be a great feature because it would help shrink the file size down to pre-LTE TMDs and also let people store more TMD files in the same space.

  • Smaller file size on disk
  • Allows for people to send TMD files over email, Discord, etc. because of small file size


  • History is now nonexistent, which does not let for undoing once history is deleted

BELOW: Please correct me if the change in camera projection is my imagination :slight_smile:
2nd Feature Request: Be able to change camera projection back to what it was pre-LTE
One of the first things I noticed when I used LTE for the first time was that the camera projection was different, which confused me a little as I worked with it. It would be great to have a toggle between orthographic camera projection and perspective camera projection.


  • People who prefer the old camera projection can switch to it
  • None that I can think of

Hi there,

In 4008, TMD files no longer store history for the reasons you listed above, basically. Session files will store full edit history for situations where you want to retain it.

Also, if you right-click on a history entry, you’ll find several options for managing history, including removing history/compressing groups/removing build results.

Regarding camera projection, the 3D view camera should(!) be unchanged. The layout view uses an orthographic projection in LTE, which is the same as 3028. What isn’t the same is that 3028 didn’t let you easily rotate the ortho camera, so it wasn’t necessarily as noticeable.

I think fuller control over the camera in general would be really nice to have, and it’s definitely on the list!

I was using World Machine today but WM didn’t ask to save session state nor could I find a place to save my session state. Could you possibly help me with this?

There’s a very good reason why you couldn’t find it - Session files are one of the last things on the short list of items left to be implemented for LTE :slight_smile: Working on it.