[Feature Request/Suggestion] Add file thumbnails to .tmd, .tml, and .dev files & add an additional button to the build window

This is a small feature request, but it would be nice if World Machine files had a file thumbnail/icon to help identify them faster and if World Machine associated the files with itself it would be great to just double click on a TMD file and open up World Machine.

It would also be helpful to have a button that terminates the build, but saves the state of the devices that are already built. This would be useful for when someone is building a lot of nodes and they want to only build halfway, but is building the entire project. This would save a lot of time in many use cases.

I thought if you selected a node and clicked build it only built up to that node. At least that seems to be what it does when I click on the wrong node and build.

Well, my suggestion is for people who hit the green button but decide to change their mind mid-build.

Hi there,

This should already be the current behavior.

If you cancel a build, everything that successfully built will keep its results, assuming memory conservation mode is turned off.

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WM used to associate itself with tmd files and such and loaded them in correctly. I expect the DEV build still needs to reimplement this feature. For WM 3028 and before, just make it the WM executable the default program to open said files with and it should work without a hassle.