Feature Request!

Updated requirements: Establish a basic data type system that includes int, string, float, and bool, and provide modules capable of generating complete ranges for all three of them. Clearly define the conversion rules between int, float, and scalar numeric types and provide conversion functions for numeric-to-numeric type conversions as well as numeric-to-bool conversions. Enhance the arithmetic operation system for the three parameter types (+ - * /) to ensure it functions similarly to typical programming languages (e.g., int * int produces int, float * int yields float). Provide comparison functions (> ,> =, <, <=, ==, !=). Specify the conversion rules from scalar or float to distance. When selecting a parameter type module, display the actual value of the parameter on the preview view instead of an abbreviated value. We need additional function modules and iteration modules! Also, it’s worth noting that I purchased the licensed version over a year and a half ago and haven’t received updates. When can the developers include GPU acceleration?

@NuoCheng There hasn’t been an update since an year, last one was June 2022 (Build 4032 dev). It’s kinda worrying tbh.

  1. So basically you need a full set of data arithmetic functions, including vector and scalar math? May I ask what’s your use case? Is the context “terrain modelling”, or something else entirely?
  2. Make separate points for separate feature requests. It’s painful to read that wall of text.
  3. GPU acceleration is currently not planned. Maybe long term it may appear.
  4. Feature requests made here on the forum are missed most of the time. I’d suggest making a concise feature request over at : https://worldmachine.featureupvote.com/
    We can vote for the feature request there, that way you’ll know if others are interested in the same. That’s all.

Welcome to the community forums, and good luck!

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my bad,I got frustrated due to the lack of updates for a long time and forgot to categorize and list the requirements separately.I’ll go take a look at featureupvote

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Fairly certain it is for macro development, at least, that’s what I would want these for ahahaha