Feature requests for the Probability device

Distance based Noise

Right now, the Probability device has a uniform noise generation, but it more than often two points are next to each other, which is quite a shame as it a nice application for the probability device would be to “spawn” rocks and vegetation, which is now not possible as a lot of “spawn points” would overlap.

It would be cool if it were possible to set a minimum distance between points to create more spread out (and therefore usable) noise and to also implement a feather/deviation parameter to vary the distance. Even more advanced would be to implement a distance bias parameter, giving you control over how the minimal distance should change when probability is higher/lower.

Implementing curves

Another way to make the device more interesting is to implement curves for the bias control. It would be possible to just use the curves device on the input, but what if you wanted to use a different kind of curve on the “amount” parameter and the “distance” parameter? A guide for each parameter would be fine but then you have twice the amount of RAM spend on some curves…

Variance in point size and shape

Right now, points are 1 pixel wide and high. The ability to increase the radius to 6, and then still being able to assure a set distance between two points would be a very nice feature. Being possible to change the shape between a square or circle would be cool as well.
A point size guide would then be very logical, so one can create blobs of bigger and smaller points. This, however, seems near impossible to implement/make work with the distance parameter, as point size would be calculated after the points are placed and therefore the distance should be between point centres instead of borders, no longer guaranteeing a minimal distance between points (and again creating overlapping problems). A quick “fix” would be to limit the max point size to ½ of the minimal distance between two points.

Going crazy

Even cooler would be to insert/draw a shape for the points, almost like the Instance Scattering device.

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