[Feature Suggestion] Have Light-Map maker take a bitmap input for raytraced lighting method

Hi again,
This time, I would like to see that WM’s light-map maker has an extra input for the raytraced method of lighting. This would improve accuracy of the lighting when overlaying it on the terrain, but this can be easily done in other programs such as Blender.
This is purely only a suggestion and not really a request.

I’m not really understanding the request. Is it an input only available when using the raytraced method? And what should the benefit be, because I’m not really getting the point of it. Is it just baking the lighting into the bitmap?

Since the raytraced light simulation only simulates indirect lighting, it would be a small nice feature to have global illumination. Being honest, I don’t think people would use this that often but it would improve color accuracy when viewing your terrain with textures and lighting.

Currently, the lightmap maker doesn’t do global illumination, so there’s little to gain from having that kind of input. Currently it uses direct light from the sun and sky. If the device gains indirect bounces, then having the color from those bounces becomes useful and it would not be a problem to include this – but it’s not useful until then.

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