Fields generator

I made a macro that generates a field texture; it can even be exported for WorldPainter.

There are two cool things about this macro in addition to the field’s shape:


ho i forgot
Field (1.1 MB)

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That is really cool! Already thinking of how you created those bands, I already have some ideas but not sure if I’m going in the right direction ahahahaha.

Is it a simple slope select to control where the farms are placed? Or is it a bit more advanced, for example, ditching a farm if at some point it reaches a slope > X° or something.

To determine where the fields are located, it’s a simple selection of “height” filtered with a slope selection. And I use a two-node expansion, one at -10 and one at +10, which creates a filter.

And for the strips in the ground that orient themselves relative to the terrain, I use the “surface angle” map. This map assigns a gray value to each pixel based on its orientation relative to the sun. I just need to use a “select height” to determine which area I want.

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