Frozen Mountains Homage

My project for the day was inspired by the incredible work of Sergey Kuydin:
Frozen Mountains (World Machine)

The mountain itself was kind of a push-and-pull creation. Not really a hero mountain; just a terrain with each of the features I wanted to do some semi-advanced texturing on.

As you can see, my graph is a lot simpler than Sergey’s. I really couldn’t guess exactly what it took for him to make his Frozen Mountains. I’d love to see an advanced tutorial on something like it, however.

I did like my results, though. That counts for something!


I don’t really have anything set up that I can render in 3D with right now, so I have not bothered with saving out any textures or a mesh. I could probably get Daz Studio up pretty quickly, in which case I might come back to this and try to finish up with PBR textures (since Daz uses Iray). For now, the best I can do to show some detail is to screencap a closer view in WM.

That said, I’ve decided to share the .tmd for this, for anyone like me who likes to learn by picking through the graphs of different projects. I’m not selling anything these days, and this was just me trying to learn a bit by doing. Feel free to poke around, and let me know if you do something interesting based on it.

fiddle 211021 01.tmd (543.6 KB)

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