Geoglyph GeoFlow

Hi, I don’t understand how to use the GeoFlow generator of Geoglyph 1.3. The doc says to use the flow data of a heightfield, but when I do that there is just no preview of the result (constant heightfield with cross). Anyone can post an example with nodes?


Here is an example:

In this case only the erosion node’s flow and deposition data were combined (screen 100%) and plugged to Geoflow’s mask input. In my experience so far, Geoglow’s depht is too high by default so most likely you have to lower it a bit.

The result:

Hi! Where is the download of the geoflow and mountain macros? Thanks.

byGamersYT, Geoglyph is a paid product from, not a free download.

Nice. I really think about getting Geoglyph.

But i cant use the macros in World Machine 2.3.7 basic edition. There’s an unknown error and I can’t use them. I made GeoFlow but I can’t make mountain. So, can you make a screenshot of the mountain macro world?
Thanks. :smiley: :smiley: