GeoGlyph replacement

As GeoGlyph seems to have been a must have with World Machine but is no longer available will World Machine implement what it provided?

Are there any particular features you see as a must have? I do certainly think that anything that is a “must have with World Machine” should be part of World Machine itself, and thus I’m very curious what you’d consider in that category. Geoglyph is a 3rd-party app that works with WM.

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Most of the features of geoglyph 2 are already present in world machine LTE. Previews, node search, and flexible UI. As for geoglyph nodes, those were mostly macros built from wm nodes. Gaea is now the tool where all of it and more exists. You can use both gaea and world machine on any given terrain asset together seamlessly.

I’ve used both these apps since the beginning. Both have strengths over the other, and weaknesses the other doesn’t have. And yet neither is, or was ever, a “must have” for the other.


I don’t claim to be an expert at any terrain software and I know GeoGlyph morphed in to Gaea. I am only making my comments based on the fact that a lot of what I have read on various software people seem to indicate that GeoGlyph was something they felt was needed with WM. As you can’t get it anymore I don’t know what it really added. In saying that, if it GeoGlyph morphed in to Gaea then it must have had some very useful stuff in it to have ended up as its own terrain generation software.

@PunkPuffin You can get free versions of both these tools and find out yourself. Software fanboyism will get you nowhere. I can tell you from experience, both tools are built on very different principles, and are headed in very different directions. In the end, tools don’t make the art, the “artist” does.

In answer to the original questions though, I can’t think of any “must have” features of geoglyph that aren’t already present in the current LTE build of world machine. You’ll have to be specific there. You can use the last available geglyph version with build “3026” of world machine.

I said I was a beginner there is no need to call me a “Software Fanboy”, I am simply researching to products by reading reviews, watching tutorials and reading forums. You could have simply given your opinion on the tools and why GeoGlyph isn’t needed. Everyone has a differing opinion. Perhaps think about that when you make your own comments?