Geometric Shapes Macro (1.2 MB)
Splatter (1.3 MB)
This macro was created for learning Substance Designer’s node system and enables the application of Splatter Circular effects using preset graphics or custom inputs. It requires converting the input to local space and is compatible with version 4031 and above.

  • Simplified version of the polygon macro’s effect, but with slower processing speed.


  • Used for creating vegetation patterns and more.

  • Even you can iterate repeatedly

Geometric example build.tmd (4.0 MB)


This is so cool, clever use of the devices at hand! Too bad you already gave away the contents of the macro, I maybe you can spoiler these images, so people can try to figure it out without having a look at the secret already :wink:

Aside from this being a superb exercise for everyone to recreate, have you found any use for terrain generation as well? If so, any examples you can share? Would be interesting to see such abstract features incorporated. The circular splatter can be cool for artificial distributions and such.


You can create magical landscapes, galaxy patterns, special Voronoi patterns, and more.