Hand drawn Curve and Node Input/Output preview


I’ve been trying out a few Terrain Generators and I think WM is by far the best at least for what I am after. In saying that there are a couple of features I think would be nice to add that I have seen in other software.

Instant Terra has the ability to hand draw a Curve so in WM in the Curve properties it would be nice not to have to use points but draw a curve which might allow a little more control over subtle changes.

The other feature which I found nice in Instant Terra is the ability to click on the Input and Output pins to a Node/Device and see the actual input/output in the view. This saved having to hunt down the linked nodes and to also check the input and output was what you wanted or expected.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Funny enough, the Curves device originally featured hand-drawn curves, and I changed it to a defined curve system as the hand-drawn curves were often not smooth enough. I think it would be quite possible to add a “sketch points” feature to the curve editor that would give you the subtle tweakability you’re after.

I also totally agree about a way to directly view any port’s data. This is actually very high on my todo list for the LTE-releases, and is planned to make an appearance within the next few builds.

@Stephen That would be nice to add the hand drawn thing back in :grinning:

I also look forward to seeing the feature to view port data, that will be very useful.

One other thing that would speed things up is to not have to open each devices properties but have them in a side panel that appears when you select a device. I’m sure you no doubt have this one covered too.

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Even better, there is no need for you to close a device’s properties window, you can just stick it to either sides of the screen and it will stay there for as long as you want. This feature however is part of the LTE-releases and not available yet in the basic edition afaik.

Yeah I know you can do that but it is annoying. I’d rather be able to switch the node I’m on and see those properties. Opening them and then docking it and closing it because I now need to dock another one is painful

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