Have any ideas?

Use the high res colorizer i made for small scale perlin noise…very good for sand
Also combine a flow wear and depo map together (they come from erosion)
Try some settings and also colorize those then stick them in a chooser and ad a select slope to your chooser c port
And its should work

I use 2.6.3

Wooot? 128k :shock: Damm, that´s crazy :smiley:
Would be sweet, if you find time and go for the sand!!!

For the terrain macro… by “Roughness” do you mean a map for PBR-shader-workflows?

File input coverage

Hmmm, I followed your suggestions, but I am not sure, I really get it right and understood it.
Please review tmd file for advice, would be cool!

I adjusted it a little maybe its not really that great but like i sayed i still have basic so no full reso builds

@paul: By roughness I mean the “grainy” behavior of materials like sand, snow and rocks rather than the flat diffuse color.

ah, ok :wink:

Hmmm, I calculated it in 2k res, please see the result:

Just try some settings…its setup is better now

Did you add a convexity selector with the flow map? Use add noise and probability device with blur filter instead of that and you may get that canyon render look with your sand.

The convexity selector sits inside the macro
But its true blur does a lot of good to your texture

Ok, so after tweaking this setup for about 3 hours straight and testing an alternative with the “extended coverage” macro I let it go for now.
My results are maybe 60% of what I try to get… so I will put WM aside for now and switch to other things :wink:

Cheers and thanks for input anyway!

Its should be all that hard though.
Maybe the guy used a diffuse made in mudbox,then you can try but you wont ever get the same result as him

The guy used modo shaders for that canyon render. That’s always hard to replicate in color.

Yes that´s true. But I think it should be possible to get closer in WM, than I do right now…
One big thing is the sand - maybe when e2clipse did his sand-macro, I give it another shot :lol:



what aboou a "comic macro, that make a terrain look like “Pixelart” or like “hand-painted”?


That should be easy to do
Ill think of that
The encyclopedializer has a pastal tint to it so comic should be to hard
Maybe splatmaps could be used for actual splats of paint

Like this idea very much

Cool - so maybe you´ll have a go for it, too?!

Would be awesome, if you can manage it, times-wise.

I’ll be alright i guess and if not then people will have to wait for it a lil longer
But thats oke… the longer it takes the more it becomes wanted