Have any ideas?

Do you have any small or big ideas or sugestions towards me for a macro?
Let me know in here

Basicly im running dry on ideas right now :stuck_out_tongue:
It will come to me once more,just need inspiration

Hi Eclipse,

Well maybe a good sand dunes macro that cover the whole terrain with more control than the one already existing since i find them pretty limited.

Regards Peter

Can you be more specific about what controls you are looking for?
I know the dunes macro is limited, but its based on ramp and bias controls i think
So what othets would you like to do with it?

Hi Eclipse,

I mean more control like ability to have irregular broken sand dune with sharp ridge and also scalable to big size terrain but i am not sure it is possible the way resolution is handle in WM.

The other day i was trying to get small sand ripples on my beach zone for my 30 km x 30 km terrain and even at the smallest setting the ripples were still to big.

And if you already tried the available dunes macro they only cover a small band or maybe it is because i have a big terrain but controlling this narrow band with the chooser was a pain.

I know i could punch those detail easily in Mudbox but i was just trying to have less sculpting to do by doing as much as i can in WM.

Regards Peter

I’ll see what i can do
With scale you mean contours of uour world right…not the height
I dont know but i thought macros work on every scale?

Maybe Nikita didnt put everything on scale independant
I dont know, its stil a nkce macro,played with it this afyernoon
But i noticed its al very similar indeed

Maybe put some extras in there

I dont know if i can and may alter this macro and re-upload it to the library as my own
With mentioning Nikitas name…

+1 for the dunes macro :slight_smile:

… aaaand something to get a terrain like this (coloring+sand) would be awesome - I tried but still not get it right



I guess that those slopes are selected with slope
The sand with height
Isnt that what basic coverage,extened overlay and coastal do?

hmmm, not sure about it… the author did not respond :frowning:

The tricky part is the sand and the 2 toned colorizing…


An advanced coverage macro that acts like a full blown terrain material complete with options for file input or function input. Parameters

  1. Diffuse color (with options to input a file, multiple files with perlin blending or overlaying)
  2. Additional bump for detail
  3. Ambient Occlusion
  4. Reflectivity or specularity (faked somehow. I have no Idea how, maybe you do!)
  5. Roughness input (using advanced perlin) to all these parameters
  6. Maybe someone can expand this list further…

We can start anew thread for discussion and collaboration on this.

Lets do so :smiley: theres a lot more explaining to do
Because i dont know all of thos things,but i guess you could help me with it?
Plus i also made a cavitymap producer :smiley:


Did you try the colorizer or multiple colorizers for two toned sand color? Use the custom texturing scheme you used earlier, but use colorizers instead of file inputs.

@e2clipse: Yes of course, and that cavity map producer could be helpful as well. I’m not too good with macro production (switches confuse me) but I’ll help however I can. Diffuse part should be simple enough, so let’s start there.

Switches no problem! :lol: look at the show your flowgraph topic i openend in general haha
Anyways i first need to finish the snow coverage and encyclopedia macro
But i will work on the dunes and this macro we are talking about to
Iff WM lets me…

So lets open up that new thread and discuss in it what to do and how to make this thing

Ow and onklepoes idea ill look into that too :!:

@e2clipse: you’re the boss! :slight_smile: take your time while I check out all of these new macros you built, never got the chance earlier!

Alright :slight_smile: hope they serve you well!!

Yes, that is a great idea man! Will try that… Any ideas on how to get the sand done like in the image?!


Not to much difference between colors?
Also small scaled perlin noice and maybe a subtle darker color flow wear and depo combined as an underlay?

Hmm, that´s a lot :shock: Not sure, how to build all this, I am still at beginner-level :slight_smile:

@e2clipse: What version of wm are you using? My world file crashes every time I import any of your macros. I am using Should I update to 2.3.6?

@paul: I’m building a 128k terrain for a client, and you know what my warrior pc does in these situations. It’s building since day before yesterday, still not even half done! As soon as it’s done i’ll try your sand, maybe even get my hands wet with that terrain material macro!