Height field and pagefile Compression

So when I was building my 5k map I paged over 300 GB of data things is, I had the temporary folder that contained the pagefile set to auto compress. Instead of paging 300Gb to my SSD (which could not possibly fit), I only paged less than 40gb of compressed data!
These are just ballpark numbers, as I didn’t save a screenshot of actual compression sizes while building.
But that got me wondering, would it be possible for world machine to use some sort of lossless compression to save RAM?
Because it really makes no sense that a constant color should, for example, take up 300 MB when it could simply be described with much less.
Now, this might affect performance obviously but it then users could have the option to use no compression, fast compression, and heavy compression and possibly assigning compression of a node by node basis.

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