Height Output device disappearing

The device disappears when it’s unbuilt and I try to change its filename settings.
Same for bitmap.

I haven’t pinpointed the exact cases where the device disappears, but it happens a lot.

It appears to happen when I 1st connect an output device to a wire. it disappears when I edit the settings, then when I connect another new device it works

Hi Jak,

Just to be clear, when you say the device disappears, do you mean that there is no output viewable for it, or that it literally disappears from the workview?

It disappears from the layout, it plus it closes its settings window which is open at the moment the device disappears

The mesh output behaves the same, but I noticed that when using a dropdown menu and reselecting the already selected option it avoids the crash, meaning I can edit all the settings afterwards

This is interesting. So, there is definitely a bug very much like this that remains in the Device Workview, but I haven’t been able to make it reproducible at all. Essentially, the workview is showing a stale version of the actual world. If you step backwards in your history list it will reveal the true world state.

Is there any repeatable sequence of steps you do that causes this to happen?

I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug consistently, but it happens mostly on old projects made in a previous version

I’ve isolated a bug that might be responsible for this.

If you click on a string/filename parameter but then close or click away without changing the string, WM doesn’t cancel out of the preview world created. A future action that uses a preview world will then re-use the existing one from before, potentially ignoring a number of changes in-between.

This exhibits itself as having a device disappear from the world, for example, in bizarre ways.

I found this too late to roll into 4016, but it will be fixed in the future.