Heightmap flickering

Hi everyone,

I have a problem of flickering with an heightmap ( from World Machine ) that I used in an height field terrain in VUE 2021.
Even with a simple grey shader I can see this flickering in the shot render.
The heightmap is 2852 x 4097 as the Vue terrain .
Does anyone has an idea of what I can do to avoid this flickering ?



Is this occurring in Vue or in WM?

It’s a “vue” problem, not world machine problem. Go to your render settings, choose “custom”. And then increase overall quality slider to 60 or thereabouts. Noise will be reduced. Also, procedural shaders produce more noise, try image based shaders on your terrain.

Thanks guys for your answers :slight_smile:

Yes it’s occuring in Vue.

I have tried all kind of parameters ( and also image based shaders ) but this damned %&#*& flickering is still there.
Maybe it’s because I scaled the terrain dimensions ( just a little ) after the heightmap was loaded ?

For information, a collegue found a solution in compositing with a denoiser :slight_smile:

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