[Help] Combine Layout Height with Generated Terrain

Hey all! I have what should be a simple question related to combining features. I have some advanced perlin noise that I use as the “base” height, then I want to apply very specific flat areas from a layout generator. What is the right method of combining the two together? A simple combiner with max will get me flat areas up to the point where the layout is lower than the height of the perlin, but that is the best I could get…

Doing a chooser I get the following, which is doing some kind of add, which i dont want, my layout height is around 1300m, not 2000m:

Hi there,

Luckily, this is straightforward. Connect the terrain from the advanced perlin into the input of the Layout Generator, then draw your shapes at the height that you want to enforce.

Incidently, you could achieve the same thing if you used a chooser set to “Pre-multiplied” mode, but the above is much easier!

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