[Help] Creating a nice river flow

what is the correct arrangement to make a better river flow mine was like it’s just place on top it doesn’t have depth on it. flow structure is at default, thermal weathering is at default

i can add more images but new user can only have one please bare with the first image. thank you so much!

As far as I know there is not “one way”, and you should always do what suits best. That said, a common practice is to have the Coast Erosion device before the Flow Restructure and Create Water devices, just like you did, and then use the Coast Erosion’s water output and connect it to the Flow Restructure and Create Water devices.

I always do the water stuff at the end, because you don’t want your water system to be tampered with by other devices.

I hope this clears things up for you!


Using create water at the end, means that your erosion devices won’t drain realistically using it. But then using it in the beginning means heavy shape changes will destroy your river.

The best method I’ve found so far, is to separate the part where you create your terrain “shape” and primary geology. Do this part first. Then afterwards, try not to reshape the terrain too drastically. For example, no coast erosion. Use it before as suggested by @HYLK.
Then for just good rivers, plug this terrain into “flow restructure”, then create water. Trick is, don’t let your rivers “climb” the terrain too much, becomes tougher to manage the higher they get.
Then you can erode the terrain to your heart’s content, plug in the water systems so eroded terrain drains properly.


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Hi @HYLK and @WFab this is the result, is this right I did what you guys suggest Coast Erosion > Flow Restructure > Create Water > Erosion > Thermal Weathering > Scene View. @WFab image has some depth mine is like overlayed noise line only without depth.

thank you.

@HYLK @WFab this is the layout.


Take your “create water’s” “water” output, and plug it into both erosion devices. Build and then do report the result.