Hey I made a cool macro

j’ai fait cette marco il y’a un moments je la trouve vraiment cool je ne sais pas si elle peux vous etre utiles et si je dois la mettre en téléchargement

I made this marco a while ago I find it really cool I don’t know if it can be useful to you and if I should upload it


here is a quick exemple of what it’s can do

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That looks very useful! Also love the neat and clean routing inside the macro, I always appreciate such eye for detail :slight_smile:

That would be cool! You can either upload it to the “macro library” of World Machine, or upload it to something like Gumroad and then post the link to it here.

you will love my last project

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Care to share the 3D view as well? :eyes:

I do it for Minecraft

I would be interested in trying it out. Very intriguing!