How do I adjust the zoom on the WORK FLOW SCREEN?

Your bug report should include:

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  2. How to reproduce it (including a world file if possible)
    How do I adjust the zoom on the WORK FLOW SCREEN

Hi Scott,

In the workview, you can adjust the zoom by:

  1. Using the mouse-wheel
  2. Alt key + Right mouse drag
  3. Left + Right mouse buttons simultaneously while dragging

They are all equivalent. You can also zoom-to-fit by using the spacebar, possibly with a device or group selected.

That was very helpful thanks.
Is there a way to get the 3d view to do a auto fly through? I seemed to have made it do it but i thought it was a bug or something. But I was wondering. Can I make the 3d renderings move toward the screen in real time thanks??

Is it possible to add my own graphics and textures to the renderings?
I am trying new things all the time I love this program. Even the basic version blows me away.
Macros are confusing. I cant seem to get anywhere with that.

There’s a wealth of tutorials build into world machine. Just go to file. open example. You can always find a bunch of tutorials on the WM site, and all over youtube, in addition to older forum posts answering your questions.