How should I simulate a fault in World Machine?

I’m looking for a method to simulate a fault in World Machine, such as adding a crack and then moving the terrain in a certain direction, opposite of each other or pushing one part of the terrain up and the other down.

This would be able to add some spice to my terrain and it would be an interesting technique to develop.

Can you be a little more specific visually? Draw me a simple pic. of what you mean

What about adding the desired effect as an over layer with another graphics program?

Do you mean something like this?

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Yes, something like that, but with shearing and also normal faults + reverse faults. Searching them up should give an accurate picture. With reverse faults it might be difficult because of WM working in 2D, but it can be covered up using thermal weathering/other effects.

Will take a look at it and give it some thought as soon as I have time :slight_smile:

Faults are actually something I"m very interested in - this is an area of future device development, but also something that should be very amenable to creating something with the existing tools.

Strike-slip (lateral movement) should be very modellable with the Displacement device.

Vertical movement is in some ways easier, as you can just add the fault shape to the existing terrain. However, getting a good fault shape is a bit harder but should be quite doable.

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