How to get rid of "lumps"

Hey guys, I am trying to get a little smoother result compared to what you see in the image. Notice how there is sporadic “lumps”. This is coming from the file input heightmap I got from terrainparty. Any filter device which may be useful here? I am trying options within erosion but can’t seem to get the result I want.

I don’t mean to erase these completely, just minimize them for a more artisticly pleasing terrain.

If you set the filter type within Erosion to “Simple filter”, and then adjust the Filter strength, you can smooth out that kind of detail.

You can also just use a Blur filter to smooth things; Erosion works best if there is some texture to the input terrain however, so take care not to over-blur your input. (You could even blur the input to remove the objectionable lumps, then add back in a little bit of more pleasing fractal noise).

Thanks @Stephen.

I realize all the answers I need are actually covered very well in the example worlds. I was trying to go too fast!

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