how to make rolling plains or small hills?

Are there any tutorials that teach to make anything other than giant f-ing mountain range? all i see on youtube are basic mountainous environment tutorials, which to be honest arent that hard if you have even remotely an idea of what you are doing. I am trying to make a desert area with small hills and a coast. i got the coast down but i cant seem to get the hill-y area in the desert like environments down very well. this is what i was trying to get - No. 1 and this is my attempt at it - No. 2.

No. 1 -

No. 2 - ;; WM file -

Use the curve node to introduce some flat areas to some basic noise (or generator of your choice).

I agree with this opinion.

I realise this is pretty old but it got me thinking and playing around.

The problem with using noise is it is, well noise :slight_smile: Rolling hills have an underlying structure caused by folding.

To simulate this I multiplied two gradient nodes with widths set to prime numbers to create a random looking surface that has an obvious linear structure. Setting them at a slight angle (5 to 15 degrees) creates breakup and some pleasing intersections. I then used a displacement node driven by either a gradient or a noise node (or both) to create something that looks like the results of geologic folding.

Blur and clamp as required to smooth the surface and control heights as required.