How to reorder layout generator tabs in the layout view?

I use worldmachine to generate maps and I also use world machine to generate different layers(forests, rocks etc.) so I have a lot of layout generators and I am planning on adding more.
the problem is that the layers in the layout tab are just in some order instead of in a logical order. for example the desert and the desert trees are 5 tabs apart.

how can I reorder those layers so I can give them a logical order and improve my workflow?

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I believe that there isn’t any way to reorder layout gens at the moment, but maybe this could be a useful feature request.

Hi there!

This is a good request. There’s currently no way to re-order these.

However - the next version of World Machine changes the ergonomics of the layout view a little bit, such that there are no longer the layout tabs across the top. Instead, the selected device is always displayed. The existing lock-preview mechanism is used to view the output of a device different from the one you’re editing. I think it will be a strong improvement over the existing system, but I’m definitely eager to hear what folks think once the LTE release hits the dev channel!