How to use the river node

I’ve been trying to place a river manually. But so far I’ve yet to figure out a good place in my node graph to insert it into.
If I put it in before erosion, the erosion ignores the river at some places and decides to make flows that are outside. Causing strange elevated blurry river beds instead of what I’m aiming for.
And if I place the river node after erosion, the river valley makes a big flat space on both sides of the actual river. And it seem to be impossible to make the river flow according to the terrain (i.e. down hill), either it cuts a huge gorge in the terrain, or the flat area I mentioned is aligne with the underlying terrain, which also causes weird terrains.

Any help or tutorials showing how to make a river that follows the terrain, and flows downhill (i.e. not a flat 0 height river bottom) would be appreciated.