Huge Update of wires-nodes managament

I’m surprised due to that fact that WorldMachine is bring you alot of cool terrain automatisation proccessing stuff, but the sourse part of workflow - wires&nodes management do not have automatisation part and when it comes to work with complex amount of wires, repetative nodes, repetative nodes settings, mirroring, multy editing, - WorldMachine become very ultra super boring

So, i collected some ideas(feature suggestions) based on proplems that i did experienced while doing by hand all my wires&nodes management:

  • WM should have ability to edit multiple nodes that have same settings (When you have 4 layers nodes it is hard to manage by hand all 128 inputs settings, it will be more easier to open one, and copy those setting to others without losing of wires connection)

  • WM should have ability to edit multiple nodes global settings - i speak about “set resolution” property, or “display as… Mask/Terrain” setting, and other things.

  • WM should have ability to make editing with complex custom instructions that user can configure - For example i want to select 128 nodes, and want to edit their names by my custom logic - every node will have “CustomName+NodeNumber” so, first node will be for example “Object1”/“Object0” the last one will be “Object128”/“Object127” and etc.

  • WM should support multiply editing of macros enterence nodes settings - for example i want to open my Macro Output, and select all output to make them “Optional” in one click. Without checking each checkbox by hand.

  • WM should have ability to change priority of the node displaying. In some cases one node can overlay another, and it is pretty boring to destroy it, and it’s connections, to create a new one with higher priority to make all looks good.

  • WM should have ability for multiple wires connections. So like when you have 32 outputs in Checkpoint device, and 32 inputs in Layer node, it will be more easier to multy-select 32 output and in ONE CLICK connect all to the 32 inputs of another node without of damage your brain by connecting each one of them by each one manualy by your week hand.

  • WM should support copying of nodes with saving of wires connection (currently checkpoints can not fully solve this issue)

  • “blade-mode” for your cursor that will allow you to cut every wire on the way of your cursor

  • information tab (Idea from WorldPainter program for Minecraft) that will allow you to see additional info of project node system - for example number that represents amount of currenly selected nodes, or wires (ye, support of multy wires selection is needed), so it is useful for cases when you know that you need to have 256 Export Nodes, and you have no way to count them - selection of them is much more comfortable. Also this tab should contain numerical number of currently selected ports of nodes. (Because it also helps with counting management)

  • screen check-points regestration - in some cases when you have very long node system, it is ULTIMATELY boring to drag your wire through decades and centuries are long in your node system that you have developed - it is most comfortable to simply take the cord or cords that you want to connect, and teleport to a previously registered point in the project through the registered keys, point1 - button1, point2 - button2, and so on.

  • multy text-line editing (like in code-editors as VisualStudioCode - when you can select 999 lines and type your text) Will be good to have support of custom algorihtms, for making mathermatical numeration or etc, like - Port1AA, Port2AB, Port3AC

  • Please add more optiomization to work with giantic amount of nodes

  • i will edit this post if will find more issues

Also i can add screenshot of project that give me initiative to write about not-automatised WM wires management on forum. Only 10% of time i spend on creating of alghorithm. Another 90% of time i just spend on connection of 99999 wires, and repetative editing/changing of settings inside of those repetative macros/nodes - my hands in blood. I’m very dislike wires managament part of WorldMachine. (Or i’m just not smart enough on how to make it easier with stuff that already exists inside of WorldMachine - i’m sorry if it is true)

This thing is a replecemt of 128(125)-inputs Layer node with some additional personal features (Because Layer node limited by 32-inputs):

Already implemented! Ctrl+Shift+C and + Ctrl+Shift+V!

World Machine would indeed benefit greatly from these quality of life improvements, however, I do think only a minority of the users is in actual need of these improvements, so I guess some of these suggestions are quite low priority.

And watch your language, no need to be so aggressive, I get you’re passionate, but it can come across very negatively :frowning:


it is not agression :sob: :sob: :sob:

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See what I said here! I didn’t think you intended to be aggressive, and glad to read you weren’t <3

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Very very very very very very very very very very very thank you for this knowladge. Last week i spend 3 hours on just pasting changed settings into old 128 nodes. Now i can do it in one press of a button just by selecting all of them


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