Please add support of saving Workspace Intarface Layout

I’m working with alot amount of nodes and needs to swith between them very quickly. Ability to do those custom “pins” of nodes settings on the sides of screen is awesome!

But inside of WorldMachine is no way to save their layout. If you will re-open project you need to “pin” those 999 nodes by hands from start. It is ultra mage giga annoying. I do not think that it is something that hard to add, i will be very happy!

Thank you

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Change your attitude and language. You are very aggressive which is not needed and absolutely not welcome here. If possible, edit the title of this topic and the wording of your post.

Aside from that, I agree with you that it would be sweet if the layout not reset on every launch. Even better would be to have certain layout presets so you can easily change between them.


I have zero aggression, yo

I just used swear words to express emotions, no aggression towards anyone :point_right: :point_left:

Just a big bunch of emotions that collected from 24/7 work inside of WorldMachine. No agression. Just my pain and way to express my feelings - i write every post in the moments when i feel the biggest pain, - it is the reason of using swear

but perhaps I understand your dissatisfaction - because in official things like this place it is not customary to be emotional - so it may seem strange, aggressive, toxic - but no, - i do not have this as aim. I’m just emotional - i don’t want to tolerate the negativity caused by the program inside me - because it’s bad to tolerate when you feel bad. Sorry

i will remove swear :sob: :sob: :sob:


@Tomatiy I agree, you don’t intend on being aggressive. Though I do think you’re on the younger side, earnest and high energy, with less patience for real world limitations. A bit challenging to understand for old sloths like me lol!

Also, World Machine forums have always been a bit quiet and peaceful, well moderated. I for one like hanging out here just for this constructive environment. Maybe filter out emotional noise. We’re all “users” here, emotional agitation isn’t constructive imho.

Coming back to the topic…

This feature has been requested multiple times, so make sure to vote on this link:


Glad to hear! And I’ll be fair, I didn’t assume you to be intending to be aggressive, and thought it was a form of expressing yourself. I see you as a passionate user of WM, don’t worry about that!

And I admit, I’m a frequent user of strong language as well, and I don’t mind it personally, but, as WFab put it:

And my very direct (and maybe fierce) comment was mainly to quickly route us back to the peaceful state of the forum and draw a clear line of (not) tolerated behaviour! Because if a newcomer jumps on here, and the first thing they see is rage, they may be intimidated and less likely to use the software, which would be a shame.

So to conclude, no offence taken, I don’t think any lesser of you, on the contrary, your swift reply, excuse and removal of swearing make me respect you more :slight_smile: