Hw To? Many Speed-Sided Hills Rising Out from Ground Fog

I am totally new to World Machine, and may use its free version to create just one single image.

My vision is this:
many steep-sided hills with rainforest on them, rising out of a dense ground fog that hides the bottom of the valleys in between these hills.

I just downloaded World Machine, Free Version so if you describe how to do that, please also describe where to find any tool you may mention. Thanks a lot!

Don’t forget to check out the “example projects” included with your wm package. They have tutorials, practical scenes of various kinds, and feature demos. They’ll help you get the hang of things better than any amount of text here could ever do.

As for rainforest and that fog, world machine is a “terrain creation” tool. You’ll have to use another “rendering program” to do that fog and vegetation run. Geology however you can do within world machine, and export to those other rendering programs all terrain data.

Thanks. I hoped it would have a texture that resembles a rainforest. :slight_smile:

@Hirnsausen Hmm, yeah a texture should definitely be doable.

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