I renewed my pro license, now I'm stuck at basic res

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  1. What happened
    I renewed my Pro License after it ran out so that I could start receiving updates again. I downloaded the newest version of World Machine Pro from the update center with my current license Key after I received the confirmation email that my purchase for the renewal was a success.

Now everything is set to basic. My view port resolution view limit is 512. My export limit for resolution is also 512. I can’t view or export anything past 512. I can set all the program settings accordingly but nothing exports out appropriately. Before I did this update I was able to export at 8K res no issue and view in view port in 2-4k res no issue. But as soon as I renewed my license I got a down grade in my services.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program to see if that would fix it. It did not. I removed the license key from the program and re-put it in, and that did not work. I went through the ‘lost license key’ request to see if I just did not give me a renewed license key and it instead gave me the same license key I had prior.

  1. Does it happen consistently, or randomly?
    So far it’s been constant. No matter what I do, this problem persists. I have tried emailing world machine support but I have yet to get a response. I’m wondering why I paid over a hundred dollars now for the free version of the program. I’m pretty upset. This is costing me money, I have projects I need to finish up for clients and I can’t do that when this program is not functioning as intended and as I paid for.

  2. The steps to reproduce it. Include a screenshot or world file if possible
    I don’t know if it will reproduce for anyone else. All I know is that I can’t seem to get this fixed. I’m trying to find any avenue I can to contact someone who will help me with this. I even tried the phone number but no one answered and the voice mail didn’t sound like was the number for a company at all.

If this can’t be fixed for me, I’m going to be forced to start seeking other terrain generation programs instead (I would rather not, I’ve come to really like WM and it’s approach to things). But if I can’t export past 512, and my money is just being wasted, I’m going to have to not only request refund cause I refuse to pay over a hundred dollars for a FREE VERSION. But I’m going to have to take my business over to another program that’s actually going to work when I need it.

Honestly I wouldn’t be as upset as I am right now over this whole thing if I’d get a response from customer support letting me know they’ve heard me and are looking into it. But now I’ve sent a second email on the situation just in case for some reason the first one didn’t go through. Not hearing from customer support is what’s upsetting me the most right now above all else on this issue. Not hearing from staff/customer support at all leaves me to believe that this issue is not going to get resolved for me.

I wanted to reply to this to state that my issue actually wasn’t the license, it ended up being the file. I also want to give a shout out to Stephen for helping me out with the issue. This post I made is full of a lot of my frustration and anxiety over my first commission so it kinda shines a bad light when it shouldn’t. I really am happy with this program and the customer service, once I did get in touch with Stephen things went very well.


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