Import base land and 'add' a hole

I’m trying to figure out whether World Machine would allow me to do the following.
I have a shp file which represents a specific region of the world.
I can export that as a png but it is 8-bit so when I import it into Unreal Engine it has steps.
What I would like to do is import that into World Machine??

  1. Is that possible?
  2. Have world machine ‘smooth’ out the steps caused by the low bit image…? possible?
  3. Then cut a whole out of the land based on another heightmap (from a shape file) that I have.
    I’m trying to avoid having |_ type steps in my landscape but retain the overall shape… so I really want \ vs. |_
    Can this be done?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

All of it can be done. There are multiple ways to do it all.

  1. Import png using file input, set “Resampling method” to fractal. Adjust roughness. Or do it the old way, import png, use blur filter to get smooth shape, combine with some noise, and erode. First way gives you more accurate results. Use erosion after to get realistic results and masks.
  2. Answered in “1”
  3. Yes, you can do it. Again, many ways to do it. All of them a bit hard to explain in text. Look up some “combining terrains” tutorials on geekatplay site:

Good luck!

Thanks very much for taking the time to respond.
I especially appreciate the terminology lesson.
Understanding the lingo always helps me better understand what I need to search for next time.

Thanks for the awesome answer, WFab! :slight_smile: