Include Group Boxes in Blueprints?

Before I put in a real Feature request, I thought I’d ask if this has already been done or at least considered. I basically stopped using Groups because they would not save with Blueprints, but they are still useful and worth implementing again on a regular basis.


I remember having a conversation somewhere here about reworking “groups” code to work with the rest of wm seamlessly. Don’t remember the context.

IMHO groups need a complete makeover, to work with the parametric programming within graphs. That should solve a lot of these problems, like blueprints, macros, etc.

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It would be a welcome update if we could get it. I don’t know much about the code or program architecture, so it’s nice to have those in-the-know elaborate on what can and can’t be done, and why. I always appreciate it! Is there anything else relevant to add to a feature request if I post it?

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Posted the request. Go cast a vote if you are of like-mind! :point_up_2:

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