Instance Scattering distribution mask and distance

The instance scattering devices mask should influence the density of distributed instances.
Also there should be an option to limit the minimum distance between points of distribution


Agreed! Another much needed feature imo:

Not just randomisation of Size, Rotation and Opacity with spatial control, but also just those three without randomisation, but with spatial control. It would be cool to be able to orientate terrain features all to the centre of the map, influence the size based on, for example, the slope of where the object is scattered to, etc.

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Agree with many of these.

  • Driving density with a mask: Plug the same input that goes into the mask into the “Density” parameter to achieve this. It might indeed make sense to have the mask input drive the density automatically, though sometimes you wouldn’t want this…

  • The idea of controlling additional spacing is a good one, and would be simple to add. This would also let you tighten the spacing which is also useful.

  • Yes; in some ways the variation-based inputs are actually a shortcut, where the provided mask is processed and turned into a angle/scale/etc. Exposing both would be very handy. I’ve added a featureupvote idea for this:

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