Integer Generator node - bug with randomization

If you will have more than 1 Integer Generator connected to one Macro “Action” Parameter that allows you to press “Generate random” button inside of those Integer Generator nodes - they will give you similar random numbers, what is pretty annoying


To fix this you need to set by your hands different default numbers to them. Like - 1, 2, 3,… What is boring when you have 999 of those nodes

Aaaa, but in final my frined just suggested me to use another way to generate random values that i want, so all is good. But i think that i need to report about this behavior that uncomfortable for me as for user of the software

I’d noticed this in the past as well. Another quick workaround that’s a bit faster than manually changing each integer device is to keep the actual macro dialog box open (like the final product dialog box) and hit the random button a couple times before connecting each integer device. They will all start at 0, but won’t follow the same “trail” as the previous ones.

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