Island Map for ARK Game

Hi, Here’s a WIP island map for a mod I am making for the game ARK: Survival Evolved.

I did only a quick texture, since the real textures will applied in the game along with foliage of course.

I am noticing good game maps are not detailed the same way and have different requirements from terrains made to look aesthetically pleasing. For example, the various terraced ledges around the map are about twice the height of the player and so form a ledge that must be navigated.

This island is mostly auto-generated and only the rivers and islands themselves need to be created manually. Once complete I will be able to easily generate new islands using the shuffle button.

The map in WM is 46km with a height of 5250m, and will be scaled down to 8km at a height of 921m for use in Unreal Engine 4.

More Pics

Nice . I like the terrace is blended in to the landscape
Why make it 46km and then scale it down to 8km?

Nice work! I would have loved some coloring, to accentuate features. Use the basic coverage macro that comes with wm, if you don’t know how to color manually.

Thanks guys! I make the map at a larger scale because the devices work differently at different scales, in particular, the ‘expand’ device I’m using to mask off the rivers and ocean.

I’ll try to get better at texturing in WM, but it looks so much better in Unreal Engine anyway!

Terracing effect creates flat surfaces for building and allows navigation choice for the player.

Very cool! I suggest you take a look at TeTo for texturing or splat mapping. It’s a macro for wm by Iri Shinsoj. I made a forum post about it in macro section a few days back. Here’s the link to it.

Thanks, I saw that. Not sure if I would want it though, cause I’m only learning WM for game modding.