issue with VS2010 express ed.

i did a succesfull build of the project, but i had to alter the resource.rc file, because i’m using the express edition of the compiler. You need afxres.h but you can switch to windows.h and the code compile. I will report other issue if i will find .

i don’t know if it is a consequence of the fact that i changed the resource.rc file but i can’t build the 64bit dll.(I’m on a Windows 7 64 bit machine) . I copy and pasted the 32 bit .dll in the plugin folder but i can’t see the custom devices in the menu. Because i’m in a 64 bit machine i run from a console the WM32bit .exe but this not help ( and this is no log output). there is a way to receive a log file for the Startup?

What error do you get when you try to build the 64-bit dll?

At the moment i’m not on my Windows7 machine but as i remember i can’t switch the the top flag x64 of Visual Studio . But as i switch back to my machine i can take a look deeper in it. Do you works also with the express edition?

Hi there,

I believe that the express edition by default does not include 64bit support.

Follow this stack overflow thread for more details on how to include 64bit support:

You are right . this is the problem. I was afraid that 64bit was available only for the professional solution, so i have some chance. Honestly, I prefer to develop in linux that windows. Well, now i have to download the hughe Windows SDK. When i solve this i will report in this topic. Thank you for the support!

I need help fixing the office error code message 3008-27with Microsoft Excel.
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