Julia Fractal Generator


I just implemented a julia/mandelbrot generator for WM2 and I have to say that the plugin system is very well designed it took me just half an hour and it produces interesting new ways to model single island like worlds

Looks great!
Can you provide us a link for downloading it?

Woah… nice!
Would be cool if the steps were removed though.

the generator supports now smooth steps and multisampling, you can download it here:


Note: the plugin runs only with WorldMachine 2.0, I can’t find the link to the pdk for 2.1 :frowning:

The pictures are really wonderful. I am a civil engineer who has got some knowledge of AutoCAD. I have the feeling that Julia can be made use of in construction. I was able to download it but I could not run it. When I read the “read me” document I was informed that this Plugin runs in Worldmachine 2.0 only. I really wonder what that means. Can anybody help me in this regard? I would like to thank them in advance.