Large Minecraft 8k map work in progres

So I decided to dump here all my twitter pics of my 8k map here, will update this accordingly.

First. Tweet Ever on May 8 2019
[Where I present the layout, picture is too big for forum]

Then some work on a desert that looks like Wadi Rum

some slanted mesa thing



snapshot of WM grapth, this is the south continent only

At some point I had to put the project on hold beause I had a falty version of WM that made adding new nodes impossible

Dec 9 2019 work resumes,
updated monster node grapth

At this point I mark the south as done and move on to the northern continent

poppies :slightly_smiling_face:

4k render of north, note that the north is in a separate WM file than the south… at some point Im going to have to join them… ALso this was in Nov 2020 because in March or so I was spirited away from my computer and could not work on the project

Glaciers, courtesy of @JakBB for the wonderful macro
I start changing up the mountains and also opt in for simple playful colors

2 hours on this one canyon… why

getting chilly
And my lastest work, as of tonight, new mountains,new colors, and costal work

I hope you have enjoyed this little post and I will be sure to post more as I keep working on this.


Consue, This is batshit insane. You’re well up there in the legends list right next to Imbillio, Lente, Darastlix and those ppl, in my opinion. Thanks for continuing to inspire.

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