Legacy models now available at a reduced price

So I’ve decided to pack all of my legacy terrain models into a single package, available at a nominal price. I can’t update them any longer due to various reasons, so no point selling them at the original price. I’ve updated and refreshed some of the files, they should work well with any kind of workflow you have (unreal engine users may need to readjust resolution etc while using heightmaps). I’ve been working on some new terrains, and THOSE will be up next on gumroad, and maybe blendermarket. Do keep an eye out for future updates.

For now, here’s the link if you want to buy some terrains: WFab's Legacy Terrain Pack

A quick looksie…

Some more details are available on the product page itself. So please, do check it out!
Here’s the link : WFab's Legacy Terrain Pack


Sadly, the actual world files are lost. I usually don’t worry about the rendered assets as much as I do about the .tmd’s. I’ve gone through several computer meltdowns, and each time I lose some. I always think they’re being backed up on OneDrive, Google Drive or one of my externals. Some just didn’t get uploaded successfully and were lost with the machine.

I don’t like sharing the internals of my professional quality works, I spent months refining each of those assets to every sigital artist’s satisfaction, not just world machine users. Only reason I set the price so low now, is because they’re beginning to show their age. I made these back in 2015-2017. My actual world files are anyway too complex of an issue, besides my reluctance I stated above.

  1. I work in stages, using multiple terrain apps, and Blender. So each one of those projects consists of up to 5-10 wm files, 2 Gaea files, and a blender scene or two where I corrected mesh artifacts and decimated the mesh.

  2. Noise patterns changed in WM and Gaea both some time back, so most of those projects where something was noise dependendent, changed original character significantly. That’s what ruined the projects first, followed by some nodes etc marked legacy in Gaea.

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I didn’t expect the world files to be part of a release. Not if they weren’t designed for that specifically. I did not mean to imply that they should have been. I feel like this came up in a thread elsewhere (where you mentioned the loss of the .tmds). So, I should have posted this there.

I only meant to express my sympathy for that. I’ll admit, it would be nice to study more advanced graphs. I am always looking for ways to learn, and I think in terms of that more than in terms of intellectual property. I meant no offense.

Thank you for clarifying what you do not wish to share, and why, I respect that.

Edit I went back to the Gumroad page and saw that I was responding to comments made in the description. I guess people have complained about the source files not being included? I’ve seen that in many other cases. Sympathies for that, too, then.

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