looking for an advanced color macro,

looking for an advanced color macro, one that can do snow, Grass, and rock, a lot like this picture, for my needs having snow based on height isnt good enough. Also need sharp transitions in the colors, like the picture :slight_smile:

or snow placement like this:

I really wish world machine came with better macros for coloring :frowning:

Hi there,

I’d highly recommend opening the example file “Masking in 6 different ways” located under Open Example World -> New Examples for WM 2.3 -> Techniques.

It shows how to use the selector tools to create your own color maps – you are certainly not restricted to using height alone! In particular, its a good example of what each kind of selection will look like.

Another example world that might help is the “Splatmap Converter” in the same folder as the above. If you open the splat converter device and increase the “exclusion” parameter, you will see that it forces sharp color transitions – you can use the splat converter as a general purpose mask manipulator to easily create sharp contrasts in this way.

With that said, I agree that I would love to have more ready-made texturing macros, but macros are simply a collection of devices connected together – much of the time you will end up needing to create at least some of your own texturing network to create whatever look you’re going for. Best case, after doing so please do share the results with the community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply, I will look into your suggestions :slight_smile:

For snow, use a combination of Height/Slope and then add the flow map to the output of those two. With this you will get the flow lines in the snow like in the picture. Make sure you limit the height of the flow map as well so that the flows stop at a certain height.You might also want to use a equaliser device on the flow output so that you can see them more easily. Bias/gain is also a useful device for changing output. You might also want to limit the flows to come off areas where there is actually some snow (flows will not necessarily correlate to snow cover as it’s erosion output after all). You could use a layout to do that, create a polygon a mask which will exclude areas where there is no snow)- there may well be easier more procedural ways to do that. You can then use the total output as your snow for input into the splat creation devices.


Are we allowed to post modified versions of existing macros?

I’ve been working on a really nice color map solution based on the costal overlay macro, so far I’ve extended it out to have the following:

[ul][li]2 Color options for cliffs[/li]
[li]2 Color options for coverage[/li]
[li]2 Color options for snow[/li]
[li]1 Color option for water[/li]
[li]1 Color option for water ambient[/li]

[li]Perlin noise mixes for dual colors with scale / mix options.[/li]
[li]Snow falloff / height / persistence options along with perlin noise mixing options for dual colors.[/li]
[li]Ambient Shadow strength along with dual ambient shadow color control.[/li][/ul]

I just don’t know if I’m allowed to post this or not.

Hi there,

In general, yes, unless the author of the macro has prohibited modifications. Otherwise, feel free to upload your changed macro! It’s good practice to credit the original source as well. Eventually I would like to allow this to be an automatic kind of thing, ie macros could have build in “related to” links.

Ok, so here is my first Macro: http://www.world-machine.com/library/index.php?entry=87&type=0&sort=recent&focus=1

Still WIP, but so far I’ve managed to get the following:

Ambient Shadows
Sun Heading

Max Cliff Slope
Cliff Color 1
Cliff Color 2
Cliff Mix Persistence
Cliff Mix Scale

Max Beach Height
Cover Color 1
Cover Color 2
Cover Mix Persistence
Cover Mix Scale

Flow Color
Flow Strength
Flow Falloff

Snow Color 1
Snow Color 2
Ambient Ice Color

Snow Ridges
Snow Ridges Height
Snow Ridges Falloff

Snow Cover
Snow Cover Falloff

Snow Elevation
Snow Elevation Falloff

Ambient Ice Strength
Ambient Ice Slope
Ambient Ice Falloff

Water Height
Water Color
Water Ambient Color

Let me know what you think.

thanks a lot guys, trying out these now :slight_smile:

Awesome Macro Devin! My modified version of CoastOverlay is similar, but you have a lot more stuff. I love that you added the flow color overlay in, thats great. You have a lot more control over snow too. Good job!