Looking for Help. Using an image as a texture. I've researched for a few days...

I’ll try to be clear on what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m new to WM and I’ve tried to research independently and searched to the best of my ability, coming up with nothing. I’m not sure if I’m using the wrong terms or thinking about this the wrong way… I’m exhausted at this point and just want a straight answer.

I’m using the professional edition, not sure if that matters.

My WM so far contains a File Input (containing the Height map) and it is connected to the Output Node. I’m happy with the physical results of the terrain right out of the box. It works really well for what I’m trying to accomplish.

The height map is built from a 2D map I built for a project I’m working on. I also colored this map to reflect the worlds deserts, tundras, grasslands, jungles, and etc.

Complete accuracy between the 3D version and the 2D map is a must.

The only difference between these two files is one is gray for the map data, and the other has been colorized.

What I need to do is lay the colored version of this map over top of my terrain so that it reflects my biomes, rather than the standard grassy to mountain look being applied to the whole terrain.

I’m hoping I can do this in WM itself because it would provide me with a bit more flexibility for later.

The only thing I can think is maybe I can’t do it in WM and I can overlay the colored version on top of the terrain in another program (I’m using Unreal)

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. Screenshots help solving a problem. Tip for the next time.

From your explanation, I guess you have a heightmap and a texture. You want to overlay the texture on the terrain, and visualize the output. Similar to the screenshot attached.

You can input a color texture using the “file input” node. Check the box named "interpret as RGB. Then import your color map. Heightmap can similarly be imported in in other file input with “interpret as RGB” unchecked.
Next add an “overlay view” device from “outputs” tab. Plug the heightmap into the first input, texture into the second (screenshot attached). Then build the world at your preferred resolution, and switch to 3D view. Select “overlay view” to see it’s output.

Do let me know if it works for you. Following this thread.