Macro not work with different Spatial types

It is not possible to have two different spatial types as inputs for macro. It says that every input must be Worldspace or Localspace

If we will open macro input settings to fix this by changing Spatial type parameter - you will see, that it is impossible to have more than 1 input of different type (macro will remove all other settings, if you will change only one of them)

Also, it is weird behavior, because this issue should not happen, because every macro have “Matching” as default setting

Besides, if you will re-connect wire, the macro Spatial type setting will be removed to basic value. :pleading_face:

I did try to use macro of this guy - WorldSpace to LocalSpace - Macros and Plugins - World Machine Community (

But it do not compatible with Tiled Builds. Sooo - here is no solution, bruh

When developer will be alive? :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Okeee, my update: I did try macro of that guy one more time, and it exports image successfully

But i do not understand why it continue light red and say that is not compatable with Tiled Build

I have tried before, but the reason for the error when connecting to Marco at the same time is that Worldspace and LocalSpace are two different structures, so they can only be converted or used separately. If you use Router to separate them, it may even cause the LocalSpace to stretch into WorldSpace

But I haven’t used Tiled Build yet, so I don’t know exactly what features you want to implement