macro properties problem

hi stephen, i’ve a problem with macros having too many parameters like the Extended Overlay macro. the list is so long it goes beyond the vertical bounds of my screen. i can’t even view the ok or cancel button. and that too at the highest resolution my monitor supports. is there a way you could make the macro properties dialogue such that the parameters that go off screen tile in the next row for those with smaller screen space?? that would be a gem!!! BTW i use wm 2.2 pro

What are your screen resolution? My is 1920*1080

I am having problem with the Heightfield tab. I can not see all the icons when the WM window is down sized. It has to be maximized to see all icons in the Heightfield tab…IT would be nice if there was scroll arrows …

mine is 1280x800. here’s a screenshot of what i mean…

Thanks for the report. I will see about addressing this situation – there is supposed to be a scroll arrow in the toolbar when it overflows but its not showing up for some reason.

thanks stephen for the reply! i use 2.2 pro rather than 2.3, and do not want to upgrade just now… could you hack up a patch for the older version if you solve this??? thanks in advance!!! :smiley:

@hotshot: i found a solution to your prob… see attachment and click the second button on tools tab, that should give you a different sorting scheme for your overflowing devices

Interesting … Thanks